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Chris Taylor
Genealogical Research

I am a private Genealogist who specialises in researching customers family history and trees within the South East Wales region - Monmouthshire, Gwent, Breconshire, Glamorgan etc. although I do occasionally go outside my region. I have been undertaking private research for some ten years now with a great deal of success and a proven track record.


Everyone comes up against a brick wall at some time during their search for their ancestors. That's when people turn to Genealogy researchers like myself.
Because we have access to millions of different records and years of experience of knowing just which way to turn next, we might just be able to help you break through that brick wall.


My Rates

I charge £5 per hour for actual research. (No research will be undertaken without your permission).
N.B. Number of Hours of research will always be agreed so there will never be a nasty shock when the invoice arrives.
Any certificates purchased are charged at the Registry Offices rates, currently £6.50 each.
Travel expenses which are charged only if I have to go outside a 10 mile radius are 25p per mile.


What You Get

Digital photographs of Graves, Houses, Streets etc.
Certificates purchased.
Regular updates to keep you informed of progress and cost.
Free Full Genealogical report which will include a relationship list.
Free family tree print out. (To include information given and found).
Other interesting historical facts linked to your family such as an historical timeline.
Flowers can be placed on graves for you and photo taken. (This has proved popular with people finding graves for the first time).
Census returns when available. (Photocopies or print out of actual Census returns).
Detailed invoice of all work carried out (Cost can be split into separate invoices if you prefer).




Contact Chris Taylor by:

Phone or text 07759 613481.